Andy Rankin is an independent curator based in Paris. Between 2015 and 2017 he was the host of the SUPERFLAT exhibition space, offering his space to an artist, allowing them to produce an entire environment. He is now curating a cycle of exhibition at the Wonder/Liebert, an artist run space based in the suburb of Paris where he is currently on residency. He is a member of C-E-A the french association of professionnal curators. He is a founder of the curatorial collective Diametre, dedicated to promoting emerging artists. He is the co-founder of the Tracknart agency, which aims to make the link between experimental music and contemporary arts. He often collaborates with the radio show “En pleines Formes” on Radio Campus.   

 93170 BAGNOLET 

 +33 7 817 810 27



June 2018: Solar Bodies @ Musée d’Orsay
with: Daiga Grantina, Pakui Hardware and YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP
A Diametre Project

June 2018: Effet d’urgence @ Wonder/Liebert
with: François Dufeil

April 2018: Situare II @ Wonder/Liebert
with: Mountaincutters

January 2018: What about 2222 ? @ FDP
with: Samuel Aligand, Rémi Amiot, Mounir Ayache, Laetitia Bech, César Bardoux, Jessica Boubetra, Jeanne Briand, Chloé Dugit-Gros, Raphaël Emine & Julie Buffard, Maxence Hamard, Matthieu Haberard, Enzo Mianes, Mathieu Merlet-Briand, Celia Nkala, Margot Pietri, Andrés Ramirez, Lauren Tortil and Romain Vicari

January 2018: Du temps dont je suis fait @ Wonder/Liebert
with: Nelson Pernisco

June 2017: Crumbles & History @ SUPERFLAT
with: Paul Gounon

April 2017: Journey to Inaccessible Place @ SUPERFLAT
with: Laetitia Bech

June 2016: Espace Commun @ Galerie düo
introducing Alexander Rosenkranz on the invitation of the french publication Point Contemporain

June 2016: 35H @ PRIVATE OFFICE
with: Clara Borgen, Charlie Chine, Kévin Desbouis, Léa Puissant, Simon Rayssac, Caroline Saves
co-curated with Manon Klein

June 2016: Du sang, du labeur, des larmes, de la sueur @ Wonder
with: Juliette Amarrante, Lætitia Bech, Agathe Berthaux Weil, Diane Benoit du Rey, Vincent Chéry, Maxime Colin Yves, Regina Demina, Drône, François Dufeil, Guillaume Gouerou, Octave Giaume, Sabine Groenewegen, Angèle Guerre, Valentin Guillon, Lucien Kammermann, Francois Malingrey, Simon Nicolas, Laura O'Rorke, Nelson Pernisco, Jade Tang

June 2016: All Cops Are Beautiful  @ SUPERFLAT
with: Nelson Pernisco

May 2016: Vaalbara Rayonnement fossile @ SUPERFLAT 
with: Vincent Lemaire

April 2016: An internet history @ Sciences Po
with: Jimmy Beauquesne, Tom Burtonwood, fleuryfontaine, Aurélie Herbet, Julien Levesque, Albertine Meunier, Jan Nikolai Nelles & Nora Al-Badri, Yves Netzhammer
co-curated with Manon Klein

February 2016: Le soleil, le temps et le feu @ Champ Libre
with: Meryll Ampe, Jeann Briand, Santiago Esses, Hector Garoscio, Gaspard Hex, Vincent Lemaire, Demian Majcen, Enzo Mianes, Nelson Pernisco, Romain Vicari

November 2015: Ruins of Sounds @ SUPERFLAT 
with: Mounir Ayache, Emmanuel Pidre, Thomas Reghem

November 2015 : Supplice de l'instable @ Champ Libre 
with: Mounir Ayache, Ely Bessis, Pierre Oscar Brunet, Santiago Esses, Terencio Gonzalez, Aude Laszlo, Demian Majcen, Enzo Mianes, Ornella Pacchioni, Andre Perfetti, Baptiste Rabichon, Carina Solothurnmann, Anna Ternon, Alicia Zaton

October 2015: KULA @ SUPERFLAT 
with: Julie Luzoir
co-curated with Manon Klein

June 2015: RAVAGES @ Point Ephèmere
with: Marion Balac, Jimmy Beauquesne, Jeanne Berbinau-Aubry, Léa Blot, Clara Borgen, Io Burgard, Manon Dard & Aude Laszlo de Kaszon, Gabrielle Desjean, Emmanuel Guillaud, Léo Lescop, Louise Recoing, Benjamin Testa
A Diametre Project

with:  Arthur Bouet


Physiologie de l'amour moderne - selfpublicated 

Ravages - Les Editions Diamètre 


15/06/16 : The role of the curator in tomorrow's museum
@ Centre Pompidou (Paris)

24/01/16 : Le Chassis introducing Zonard
@ Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery (Pantin)

05/11/15 : « Art as a driving force of transversality» : 
For the European days of PhD Students in Humanities
@ University Paris VIII